At PRISM, we proudly call ourselves PRISTIANs, the word being a portmanteau of “PRESTIGE” and “INDIAN,” but the ethos it represents is the pride everyone at PRISM feels at being associated with PRISM and being an Indian. At PRISM, comes the PRESTIGE of being an INDIAN; Hence PRISTIAN.

At PRISM, we value people and performance above everything else.



To ensure PRISTIANs’ professional and personal evolution, we conduct periodical “Refresh and Review” programs, with a view to upgrade skill sets and professional fitness. The programs can be safely assumed to be at par with the best the industry has to offer.

PRISM, true to its nature, brings colour into the life of every PRISTIAN by bringing out the best in them.

* PRISTIANS learn as they earn, with the multitude of opportunities they get for career advancement.

* Being a PRISTIAN inculcates in one the burning desire to achieve lofty ideals of excellence and integrity, irrespective of the designation.

The fact that PRISM is now in its 30th year after inception, poised for achieving Silver Jubilee, bears testimony to the values of single-minded determination and commitment-to-excellence every PRISTIAN has.