It gives me great pleasure, as a PRISTIAN myself, to know that PRISM is poised to step into its STEPINTO 30 YEARS of operations. And all this as a result of the hard work put in and the commitment shown by my fellow PRISTIANS, who I would like to convey my sincerest gratitude to.

PRISM spreads the light of the entire spectrum ethical pharmaceutical formulations into the lives of those ailing by supporting and aiding Doctors in this noble pursuit. It is our aim to raise the quality of life of people.PRISM, faithful to its nature, has three sides to it: Pristian, Product, and Performance. These three sides define the very existence and functioning of PRISM.

PRISM is founded on a constitution embodying policies that promote discipline and ethicality. This constitution serves as the basis for our culture, an example of which is starting our day with the PRISTIAN PRAYER (click).

With now 30 years of rapid growth behind it, since its inception in 1998, PRISM has built a reputation for ethical pharmaceutical formulations through products like AVONIL, INDEX-BM, and XTRAVENT-PD, TOPCOD, and TASTININE, all market leaders in respective segments.

PRISM, with its commitment to innovation, endeavours to bring a variety of products into fruition, some being the first of their kind in the market (click to know more). One such first-of-its-kind, pioneering product involves the application of the concept of “Invert Sugar” to paediatric formulations, given its proven safety. To add to this ever-growing list, we hope, shall be out speciality infertility management products (click), a segment we have forayed into recently. And all of this is in line with our belief and commitment to be trendsetters, be the pioneers. We do indeed believe in the “Blue Ocean Strategy.”

At PRISM, we want to and wish to make a difference to this world, and that we would like to ensure by promoting health of our fellow citizens, in India and abroad. I am confident that PRISM shall be able to enable the Physician community to achieve this noble mission. Pur logo reaffirms this; the S symbolizes growth, of PRISM, of the world, of everyone.

Growth, Ethicality, Vision, Innovation, Discipline … Our beliefs